Group Members: Alex Murray, John Li, Evelyn Todd, Kathryn Schlotfeldt
Plant Genus: Grevillea

Morphological features:

Flower description: grouping of approx. 60 small tube like flowers per
inflorescence. Pinky red colouring.
Average length of style in mature flower (base to tip of stigma): 33.08mm (n=6)
Length of inflorescences: approx. 70mm in mature flower
Length between style tip and pollen chamber/nectary: 25.07 mm (n=7)
Average Nectar Volume: 25.7 uL (n=3)
Sugar Content of Nectar: 17.7 % Brix

The development of the flower with the flower turning into a seed
Pollen grains of grevillea

Potential Pollinators: Birds or mammals based on the large distance between stigma and food reward. Woody/sturdy branches of whole plant also provide habitat for potential pollinators.

Additional Pollintation stategies:Structure and develeopment promote cross pollination- As style unfurls, own pollen is stuck to the unrecptive stigma, which is picked up by pollinators. After pollen is removed, stigma becomes receptive to other pollen.