names: Camila, Annalise, Maddii, Jake, James, and Aman
Azalea flower whole

Practical 9: Sex, rewards, and pollination


Pollination and Fertilisation

What processes are required for the flowers of your species to develop into mature seeds?
  • Pollinated by insects and the wind.
  • Stigma is taller than stamen to prevent self pollination.
    • average stigma: 4.23cm
    • average stamen: 2.98cm
  • Forms fruit for animals to carry away after fertilisation.

Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 3.55.35 PM.png

Carpel and stigma

Floral Morphology and Visitations

  • white flowers
  • 5 petals (2 front, 3 back)
  • Back petals are mended together to provide support for pollinator

White petals

Variability of Floral Morphology

  • Not much variability

Pollen Morphology

pollen grain (white flower).jpg
Pollen grains

  • Pollen is separated into 3 compartments and is held within sacks

Nectar Characterisation

No nectar available.