Group Members: Kurt, Henry, Kathleen, Daniel, Gregor

An Azalea plant is a flowering plant of the Rhododendron species native to the South Carolina landscapes. This plant has a very slow growth rate and blossoms from early spring into the middle of summer. It is also a deciduous plant with little nectar, this helps encourage insects to collect nectar from a number of these plants to increase pollination.

Plant species: Rhododendron
Plant family: Ericaceae
Common name: Azalea
Distribution: Every continent except for South America and Africa.
Best conditions for growth in woodland garden areas (pH 4.5-6.0)
Source: Moore, P. 2005. A Guide to Plants of inland Australia.Reed New Holland Publishers, Sydney.
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Floral morphology
Averages :
Flower width : 5.3cm
Flower length : 2.5cm
Distance from anther to stigma: 14.75mm
Distance from stigma to nectar: 37.3mm
Distance from anther to nectar: 28.6mm
Opening at base of petals to nectar: 5mm

Pollen morphology

Pollen - ks jpg.jpg
The structure of the pollen grains is formed in a tetrahedral shape. This shaping allows for more pollen grains to stick to any biotic vector such as a bee.